The things you should have done by now…

The new year is well and truly here.  In fact it feels like we’re halfway through the year people around us are so busy. A good problem most people say, as the opportunities are converted from concept into billable work and marketing and business development needs diminish. But should they ever really diminish?

We’re busy here at Stretch too. Terrifically busy. It doesn’t stop us from knowing that we must maintain our relationships always, and reach out to the people around us regularly. Relationships are what make all of us in professional services successful. Never is there anything more important.Knowing this, I want you to think about all the things you should have done since Christmas in your business to service your relationships and set yourself up for 2014.

And when I talk about relationships, I don’t just mean the people you are working with right now. I mean:

  • Existing and Former clients (sometimes your best referrers)
  • Influencers of key networks
  • Known contacts (or “friends” of your business)

February is nearly over so by now you, or your team of client facing staff should have taken the time to do all of the following simple marketing and business development tasks. Many of these are common sense… but it is amazing how quickly we forget to do them (or deprioritise them) when things feel busy.

1.  Call or catch up personally with all your existing or recent clients (email doesn’t count). Yes… logical I know. But how many of you have rung EVERYONE who paid your business money in the last year? The new-year is the best and easiest time to connect with people. You can connect on the pleasant stories of Christmas holidays and school year commencements, before moving to discuss projects that lie in front of you (and them!) for the year. You can capture the insight into their pipeline that might be much harder to ask about mid year (depending on your confidence and connection). It is almost too late to do this now, but if you haven’t done it… don’t put it off any longer, get started.

2.  Decide whom your priority clients are, and what markets you are focussed on in 2014. Are you going to chase everything that moves or are you going to select growing markets, building presence and relationships with ideal clients? Once you know who you are targeting this year you can go about building a fresh “story” for this market to grab people’s attention.

3.  Work out whom you know (and need to know) in your priority markets and set action plans for maintaining known contacts and reaching out to new ones through existing networks.

4.  Have you planned some marketing that specifically reaches into your priority networks? Whether you plan to host events, write informative papers and get them into your networks’ hands, run a campaign or blog regularly, make sure you set a rhythm and make someone accountable. 80% of marketing fails in lack of execution not lack of good intention.

5.  And finally, have you shipped your first communication for the year? Don’t put it off. Easter, will be here before you know it. In fact it is probably worth pointing out that there is only 6 weeks until Easter school holidays start which disrupts people’s decision making nationwide. If you have important stories to tell, February is the time to start. But don’t just send out fluff for the sake of it. Make it awesome, valuable, insightful content that gives your network an edge for knowing the information you’ve shared. Then they’ll come back for more, and maybe even seek out your services.

I could go on, but frankly, if you do even a few of the above five, you’ll be much more front of mind in your market. Remember, proactive, organised people in services industries are the ones everyone wants to work with.

Let me know how you’re going… Rebecca

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Christmas wishes and other thoughts

Christmas has found its way here again despite all the busy-ness. Hard to believe isn’t it. So to send you into the holidays with inspiration, we have put together the seven things you need to know, to market your business in 2014.

1. Highly engaged communities are the future of marketing.

Online, offline and in every kind of business there is, having a group of people that like what you do and are loyal to you as both people, and as a company are crucial to your success. Your marketing should work to create this loyalty, but also to service it, so people feel validated in choosing you for their next project. Remember that old adage… people really want three things in life… 1) to be loved, 2) to make money and 3) to belong… It is the third one you can engage with.

2. Economics really do matter in marketing and business growth.

Even the best marketers can’t fight an economic trend that is heading south. So rather than market into industries “because that’s what we’ve always done”, take a long hard look at the economics of what’s coming and grow in the markets that matter for your future in 2014, THEN plan for it. It’s a gimme.

3. Price is not a unique story.

If you are marketing your business based on price, then frankly you probably aren’t very unique or special in what you do. Even the simplest businesses can find better angles to sell their services on, so look deeper, or consider changing your business so you dont get “priced out” of a market. Price is and always should be a last resort.

4. People do business with people. So please don’t forget to be bothered with your personal relationships.

Given the choice I will always choose to do business with someone who bothers to call me once a quarter and engages with me as a person and I’ll bet you do too. So take the time to connect with people rather than just process the relationship as work. Get to know them, their opportunities, challenges and needs. And note: email is not an engaging communication tool.

5. Communicating with your clients regularly makes you look more organised and proactive as a business.

Common sense I know, yet so many businesses let routines go by the wayside. Be better than that in 2014… set yourself a 90 day plan to communicate with existing relationships and try your hardest to stick to it.

6. Social media is here to stay.

So please, work out which bits of it you need to use and stop telling yourself “it isn’t important”. There are some social media tools that are frankly just good business practice. Make it your business to ensure you use them properly.

7. Accountability and empowerment is more important than most leaders realise.

Your senior consultants need to play a role in the marketing of your business, but if they are not empowered and “made accountable” for their role in it, chances are, they won’t actively participate. [It is a bit like cleaning the pool when you have a creepy crawlie doing it for you - unnecessary and undesirable].

With the year rapidly coming to an end please know how important you are to us. We enjoy every day, making a difference to our clients’ businesses, changing the way you think about marketing and making it easy to implement and both cost effective and rewarding for you to do so.

We wish you a warm and enjoyable Christmas break, and look forward to seeing more of your success in 2014.

Warm regards

Rebecca, Kate and Jess

The Stretch Marketing Team

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LinkedIn introduces new contacts field for better relationship management

You may have noticed that your contacts tab in LinkedIn looks a little different recently. This is because LinkedIn has rolled out a relationship tab, which contains some simple CRM tools to help manage our relationships better.

These fields include the ability to put notes, reminders, history and tags against contacts. All the information entered into these fields remains private so only to you can see it.

The relationship tool will also automatically put any LinkedIn email chain history beside the contact. You can also choose to sync your Google, Outlook or Yahoo email and calendar so any information attributed to the contact in the one place. Just think of it like a timeline of all the events and communications you have had with the connection.

Another great field is the notes tab. Here you can add your own personal notes beside each contact, again all this information remains private so you can put down any details about the contact that you would like to remember.

There is a reminder tool so you can schedule actions in the future. For example you might have a contact that you met at a function last week and you would like to make sure that you stay in contact.  You can use the reminder tool to set a recurring monthly entry to help you stay in touch.

Because we all meet so many contacts regularly and can sometime forget how we met them, there is a tool which allows you to add all these background details. As an added bonus you can even add the person who referred you to this connection. This is a great way to track referrals and enable you to regularly thank those people who are great connectors.

Finally, the tag tool enables you to tag contacts into categories, and you can set up your own categories. For example you may want to setup tags for clients, prospects, industry influencers or colleagues. This is great way to segment your contacts, so when you open LinkedIn you can select prospects and easily see those people you need to follow up.

As you can see this new LinkedIn relationship tab is great for business development and managing your connections.  With the Christmas season now in full swing and new connections are being made at a greater frequency it is the perfect time to make the most out of this tool. It is also opportune to start planning your actions, targets and follow-ups so you hit the ground running in January.

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60 days til 2014… What are you forgetting?

Today marks just 60 days until the end of the year (And yes, just 49 days until businesses close down on December 20 this year), and if you are as busy as many of our clients are, it means it’s time to start thinking about three things:

1.  Christmas and all the important marketing activities that need to be done before it gets here (blogs, ecards, gifts, drinks events)

2.  Client relationships and all the important people that need to be cared for now, in the hope of maintaining visibility well into the New Year.

3.  Which big macro-trends are growing in your market and what are you doing to get in front of them in 2014?

Now is not the time for rushing around in your day-to-day job and ignoring your key relationships, saying to yourself, “We’re too busy to get the finished this year” or “We can’t really afford to do marketing” or “Nothing has changed in our market”.  Marketing at this time of year is cheap, all it costs you is your time, and perhaps a little bit of generosity and it is crucial.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, or work with us, you’ll know we often preach about how important November and December are to your business development pipeline and planning.  November and December are the months when good personal, caring, interactive relationships are solidified through active social efforts.  That is… get out there and talk to people that are important to you – face to face for the last 49 days before the Christmas holidays.  You might not win any work doing it, but you will show people your proactive nature and no doubt enjoy their company.
And when they need something you might be more memorable than the guy that sent an ecard and didn’t bother to drop in with warmer wishes.

Whilst most of you will dutifully send those brand-enhancing ecards in early to mid December, remember people don’t want to hear from you by ecard.  They want to see you, know you care, and have a chat about the things that are important to them.
If you don’t give them the chance then frankly, they just mustn’t be that important to your business right now (and in the future).

It sounds simple, but today is the day to get things moving…
1.  Make a list of everyone you need to catch up with before Christmas.
2.  Make another list of everyone you need to drop in a small gift personally to. (and send an ecard too)
3.  And consider whether you need cards, gifts, ecards, or something rather clever to demonstrate your Christmas spirit  to those who are special to your business.  Get it ordered or arranged if you do.
4.  Work our which macro-trends you’ll be backing next year and how you’ll shift your business to meet them.

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The laws of networking and ten terrific networking questions

The power of networking is common knowledge nowadays. What’s not so common is knowing how to consistently and effectively do it. Networking is simple, but far from easy, especially for those just starting out, or out of practice.

Whenever I’m speaking to a group about networking at least one person asks, “But what do you say (or talk about) when you first meet someone?” And someone else will inevitably ask, “What do you say (or do) when there’s a lull in the conversation?”

My response to both questions is the same. First decide if the person is really in the mood to talk to you. If you feel like someone doesn’t really want to talk to you, it’s no big deal. Move on to someone else.

If the person seems willing to engage in conversation then remember these… the supreme laws of networking.

Make fewer statements; ask more questions.

In the book How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie says we should “allow the other person to do a great deal of the talking.”

Don’t cross-examine
Nobody likes being cross-examined. So be sure to ‘disclose’ information about yourself where appropriate. Get talking about, football, golf, holidays or kids or whatever makes you happy. Reveal a little bit about yourself first and you’ll probably find some common ground emerges there too.

Use non-verbal cues
A big proportion of your communication is non-verbal and people will make judgements about you based largely upon your appearance. By focusing on the image that you want to project, you can influence the outcome of your communication. Consider the impact that you are having with the clothes you wear and deliver your questions with a genuine sense of curiosity.


Here are my favourite ten networking questions for teaching new networkers…

  1. What do you do?  Tell me about yourself?
  2. What are you working on these days?
  3. What do most enjoy about it?
  4. Have you been in this industry forever? (Gives you a great read on their career)
  5. How are you finding things at the moment?  Busy? (Gives you a great read on their level of activity)
  6. So what do you do for fun?  (Start to find something personal out about them)
  7. Have you got something good planned for the weekend?  [Or holidays if they are near]  (If you can find things in common in weekend life you can truly connect)
  8. Do you have kids, dogs, surfboard (most easily asked if you have an interest in kids/dogs or surfboards and the other person looks like they do too – people connect best when talking about something they are passionate about.)
  9. See if the client shares any of your interests  (football team, sport).  So, who are you backing in the AFL finals?   (This can give you a whole pocket of conversation to pursue)
  10. Pick a major current affair dominating the newspapers and ask a question… What do you think of the new Cabinet ?  (This requires that you read the paper regularly)

 Do you have others you like? How do you find networking? 


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No BUTs in Business Development…

The word “BUT” in business development (BD) is a word that usually precedes an excuse for why you haven’t done something you should have.  It means that you (or someone in your team) got too busy or too lazy to prioritise an important business development task.  And today I want to propose that you ban it, completely from your business development meetings.

“I saw Bob at an event “BUT” I haven’t followed him up with an email or a coffee meeting yet”;

“I want to be visible in the market BUT I haven’t got out of my own way to find a networking group in my primary target market and get active with them.“

“I booked in to attend the chamber of commerce event, BUT I couldn’t get to it.”

“I know which companies I want to target BUT I don’t know the people I will need to do business with”.

BUT is an obstacle to achievement.  It is an excuse to justify why, and frankly it is an impediment to progress on so many fronts.

In one of my client’s Business Development meetings, where the word BUT is banned, we encourage the team to use the word “AND” in their statements.  It might sound silly to some, but lets look at the difference it makes to the tone and culture of that team:

“I saw Bob at the event last week AND I followed him up and set up a coffee”  or “I saw Bob at the event last week and I have connected with him on Linkedin and invited him to coffee”. Or even “I saw Bob at the event last week AND I need to set up a coffee”.

“I want to be visible in the market, AND am working with the industry association for my primary target market to get active and become more well known.”

“I booked in to attend the Chamber of Commerce event AND will be going on Wednesday if you’d like to come.”

“I know which companies I want to target AND I am working through each target to identify the key person I want to make contact with to progress these relationships”

AND comes before a task where your team is taking personal accountability,

BUT comes before an excuse for why something didn’t get done and does not frame anything proactive.

When you change the language you use around business development deliberately you change the way your staff are expected to frame their personal responsibility for it.  In this market where there is no room for mistakes, it is important that you are servicing every opportunity to build business and target market rapport that you can.  There is simply no room for BUT in anyone’s business development meetings at the moment, so if you are hearing it a lot, consider what it is doing for your BD culture:

  1. Constant excuses waste the productive meeting time of those who are trying to truly progress things and could be reporting on achievement and taking accountability rather than broadcasting on all the things they haven’t done.
  2. A culture of “allowing” excuses from a handful of people can be demotivating for those who are doing the right thing and actively pursuing their BD.
  3. The word BUT and a culture of excuses can undermine the very thing you are trying to achieve with good BD communication: to drive accountability, and make BD enjoyable.

So why not consider banning the word BUT from your vocabulary and your BD meetings.

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Is your business fit for this new financial year?

Nine days into the new financial year, and we have entered officially into the five-month active period leading to the slow-down at the end of the calendar year. With this in mind, is your business fit to power through this period to seek out and capture new opportunities, and new markets?

The clients that we work on a regular basis that have taken an active stance in their marketing and business development, keeping their business fit, are exceptionally busy.  They have clear goals, strategies and are actively implementing them to build on profitability and capture new markets.

This active approach resonates from management right down to their staff members who are positive, motivated and empowered, and working on a range of exciting new projects rather than being frightened about future prospects or the future of their jobs.

So what are the new financial year resolutions that will help kick-start your business fitness routine?


1. Have foresight and keep up to date with trends

Just like aerobics Richard Simmons style is out and Crossfit is in, businesses must keep up to date with what is going on their markets and the trends affecting them. Consider where the key opportunities and trends will be for the next six to twelve months, then actively pursue them.  Carefully consider the markets and opportunities you are currently pursuing and if there is no growth prospects here then its time to move on!


2. Have accountability and clear goals

Every new fitness regime has an end goal and agreed measures along the way, for example a healthy diet and going to the gym four times a week will help you to loose x amount of kgs. So, to get your business fit to capture growth opportunities clear goals and measures should put in place with individuals held accountable for markets and action items. Lets be honest, if individuals  are not accountable with a clear reporting structure in place then it is almost guaranteed that your goals will not be achieved.


3. Get motivated with influencers

Getting fit by yourself is hard, that’s why it is important to enlist the support of industry influencers to help achieve your goals. Consider who these people are in your new markets. Are they industry associations, non competing consultants or business advisors? Once you have found out who they are meet with them and work out ways that you can work together, share knowledge or collaborate on how to put you in front of your target market.


4. Announce it to the world

When you announce to your friends and family that you intend on getting fit this is often a great motivator to keep going and they in turn they will know how to help you. The same is true in your marketing. By being clear about what opportunities you are pursing and what is your unique offering to this specific market, others around you will know how to help you. Consistency is key here, by remaining focused on the market you are pursing and sending out the right messaging for them will allow more opportunities to be presented to you.


5. Work hard, but with the right equipment

This may seem obvious but you must train hard using the right equipment to reach your goals. In the marketing context this is done using a combination of the right tactics that will resonate with your audience. For example, if you are an accountancy practice who is targeting busy professionals you need your marketing and messaging to be highly accessible and right for your target audience. So, you could use a combination of networking in the circles that they are involved in, blogging, public relations social media and public speaking at events to establish credibility and visibility to this target market.


6. Don’t quit and be consistent

Consistency is key in any new fitness routine. You cannot expect results overnight but with motivation and persistence you will achieve the growth goals you desire.  By sticking to your guns and using the right tactics you will regularly put yourself in front of your target market thus increasing your visibility and credibility and have the right sort of activities to fill you pipeline and generate greater profitability for your firm.

This is the perfect time to set goals and take action. With only five months until the slow down at Christmas an active stance now will get your business fighting fit to capture new opportunities, generate greater revenue, increase staff morale and achieve your growth goals.


Kate Chaundy is a Marketing Consultant with Stretch Marketing

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Google changes everything, making good content the winner

If you are using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics that seem a little “confusing” or involve offshore (or onshore) people posting low quality content on yours or someone else’s website on your behalf, chances are you are now doing significant damage to your website ranking on Google.

Google has just this week released algorithm changes titled “Penguin 2”, a revision to the changes they made late last year, and these go after Black Hat SEO (otherwise known as dodgy SEO)  in the strongest way possible and make quality content marketing the winner of 2013.

According to Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam Team, Google want to increase the ranking of high quality content and real topical authorities online, rather than allowing businesses to buy large quantities of backlinks and practice dodgy SEO to increase web rankings with low quality sites.

Its great news for our clients, and other businesses that have been developing great websites, good quality content and their positions of authority in their markets for some time. And it represents a turning point in the power of Internet search. You now have the power to be highly ranked on Google through good quality content, opt-in marketing practices and the drive of corporate “personal brands”. And you can outreach those with the ability to pay a linkbuilder now too… All the offenders recognised by Google will suffer the ultimately penalty of having their site rankings dropped significantly off the radar. Google punishes you terribly if you try to cheat the system they create.

The sad part about it is that many in the web and marketing industry don’t keep up with changes to technologies, selling the same thing this year as they did last year. So they will keep “selling” backlinking to you as an approach without knowing of these changes… or they will sell them to you knowing you know no better and knowing they are getting a “backhander” from the linkbuilding company (trust me it happens everywhere).

Why try buy a quick and dirty marketing outcome when your company is not quick and dirty…  It is your choice… but now, thanks to Google, you really don’t have a choice but to get good at producing quality websites and strong content and do it regularly if you want to rank.

Watch the video by Matt Cutts, the Head of Google’s Webspam Team. It tells you everything you need to know about the future of search this year.

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Three big hairy marketing opportunities most miss

I’ve spent the last few weeks travelling around, meeting and speaking with many professional services business owners and their staff all over the country.  What is apparent to me is that many are missing out on a couple of enormous opportunities.  So today I want to flag three areas of your marketing you should understand better and consider properly leveraging.


3 big opportunities many professional service firms are failing to harness

Embracing social media as a key tool for marketing and BD. 

Very few professional services companies in Australia have embraced the online environment well.  Their marketing department might have finally allowed their staff to use Linkedin and given them a strict terms of use policy, but most of the staff (and possibly many corporate marketers) don’t know “how” to leverage it to their advantage and make money for their company from it.


You might be surprised to hear just how many of our clients come to us after watching us for some time on social media, gradually building trust.  Social media is a great way for you and your business to gradually build a relationship with its market… and allow them to choose to do business with you.


A website that talks to your customers properly

Many firms are failing in the implementation of a great, powerful website that talks to their clients and targets properly and regularly.  It is frustrating to watch so many companies get burned in the web development process at the moment…


What you must remember when you go to build a website is that web designers and internal marketing teams are not usually experts in business or marketing strategy (trust me!!! And I know and love plenty of people in both types of roles). So if you go to a web designer and part with a lot of money without properly understanding what you  and your customer want to get out of it, and I mean really get out of it, you are doing yourself a great disservice.  Web developers go through design school!! not business school so they cannot tell you if your business strategy or your website is talking to the right market or not…  That coupled with their desire to keep the costs of development down and the profit margin up means they rarely suggest too much innovation once the priced is fixed down.


So if you aren’t careful, you’ll be back there in a year complaining that your site “Isnt good enough” and starting all over again.

And  finally,


Ensure you are harnessing the true power of content

Businesses (and many PR companies too) don’t understand the new way of marketing – inbound marketing or content marketing.  And it ain’t that new!!!  People outside of Australia have been content marketing for over 5 years.  About as long as we have at Stretch.  Remember the cries “Content is King”??  Well it wasn’t then, because there was no ways to serve content well, but now CONTENT IS KING.


Content marketing is possibly the most powerful and lowest cost form of marketing available to a professional business.  Good content allows you to generously educate and inform your clients without selling anything.  Instead, you use it to build a closer relationship with them over time by repeatedly giving value to them.  Content can come in many forms, from articles, blogs and whitepapers to videos and infographics.  If you think it is just email newsletters, and that they don’t work, it is time to take a more careful look.

But be warned, most PR companies are still approaching content marketing as a broadcast mechanism, writing salesy advertorial.  This is NOT content marketing… this is PR and PR as we knew it two years ago is less and less valuable.  Why…? Because the media is less powerful and we all have direct reach into our markets.


So, take what you can from my few weeks on planes, in trains and driving round talking to business owners… They are the value I get to share with you as a part of eating my own dog food.


And before I finish up, I just want to remind you to get going on your marketing and BD if you haven’t already…   The period from April until November is usually the time when most businesses get to enjoy accelerating, growing and earning.  Start now and you’ll reap rewards sooner than you might if you put it off til July.


image: svilen001

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Give your business some juicy stories

Have you ever sat back from your business and asked yourself – what are the consistent stories we tell clients about what we do, how we do it, who we do it for and why?  Do you have stories like this?  Have you written them down and do you use them as the foundations for your business’ marketing and communications?

I have been asking people I meet this a lot lately, with most people looking me dead in the eye with a wry grin and answering “No, we don’t have any stories”.  Usually followed by “That is just what we need.  Can we get some?”.  “People don’t really know what we do,” or “We need a bit more profile in that area,” or even ”Our staff aren’t good at explaining the real value we bring to a client”

Sound familiar?

You see, the world is changing, or should I say bluntly, it has changed! Traditional advertising doesn’t work cost-effectively any more to get your message across.  People don’t have time to read the papers, they aren’t sitting anywhere reading magazines, they don’t have a radio on their desk anymore, and direct mail simply doesn’t reach its destination. Instead, they want to be engaged, valued and given insight and leadership, regularly, in a way they can develop trust for your business.  They want to hear from you.  They need your stories.

Reminding the target client of a story they know and trust performs a powerful short cut to getting your marketing across. 

Clients want to choose whether you are worth listening to and get to know your business by listening to it over a period of time.  They want to hear your stories.  They want them to be told to them in different ways, and tied back into the major value propositions you offer, sensibly, without selling.  If you don’t tell them, you are missing a massive opportunity.

Anticipated, personal and relevant insights always perform better in promoting your business than unsolicited junk.  If you build stories, then use the relevant ones to communicate with the relevant people around your business rhythmically… the chance of them listening to your message is a lot higher because the stories will have a value to the person you are trying to engage.

Give people stories to tell and they will tell them… give them nothing and they will either make up their own or say nothing at all. 

It is important to remember that conversations are going on in your marketplace everywhere all the time.  If you give people inside and outside your business the stories to tell, you’ll encourage the right types of conversations about your business and the trends and clients it is attached to.

Now I know there is a percentage of you out there shaking your head going “Nope, I just don’t need any more stuff in my inbox… I don’t have time for video and … “

But you are reading this aren’t you.  Why?  Because we strive to give you useful, selfless ideas that can help you in business, and that my friends is the key.  Useful, selfless, valuable ideas people can use will keep them reading your stories, time and time again.  People want value. And with the value can be a good stashing of personality helping people to get to know you, like you, and perhaps, one day they might call you to do business.

Despite all this, so many PR companies pump out blatant advertorial, blind to the importance of the story, the real value of content marketing, and ignoring the importance of “giving value”.  I know, because I am also a publisher of a website that receives many content pitches from PRs with some significant disappointment at the quality of the “stories” they send.  Be aware of this.  SEO providers too.  They are often hired for volume, not quality, which can be problematic later, but that is another article.

So if you are going to build stories, promise me this… they will be smart, valuable, useful and insightful for the people you want to have engaged with them.  Don’t bother with advertorial, google keyword stuffing, or ignoring the need to communicate – it just won’t work for you.  Your clients are human beings.  They want value.

You can build stories up over a long period of time, in so many different and engaging ways like:

  • Blogging and/or Business Articles
  • White papers or Research papers and insights
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Media Coverage
  • Industry stories
  • Guest Speaking
  • Personal Contact

The best stories combine a little of each, giving people a great taste of what you have to offer, without any selling at all. And they are not one hit wonders, they are sagas…

Bear in mind, you will be judged by how good your story telling is.  If you business is bad at story telling, it will probably be bad at selling, because frankly that is what marketing and communications is, story telling…


How many stories does your business have?   

photo credit: Stewf via photopin cc

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    Stretch Marketing runs Professional Services Marketing Workshops for Senior and Emerging Professionals

    Our Professional Services Marketing Workshops, have been running Australia-wide for the last two years, guiding small, medium and large professional services businesses in how to market themselves and their people driving organic growth.

    In our one-day workshops we work with your Senior Professionals to provide the coaching and mentoring that they need to confidently drive revenue growth in your business.



    Do you have a quick question that you need answered? Bounce your question our way and we will answer it completely free.
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